AirPlus International
AirPlus International discovers the power of a swift response

AirPlus International discovers the power of a swift response


AirPlus specialises in payment and billing services for business travel. They provide reliable end-to-end solutions to help more than 49,000 companies of every type and size to save time and money by managing travel expenses more efficiently.

In 2014 the company was looking for a customer feedback methodology that would improve on the centrally administered annual customer satisfaction survey. The existing survey was suffering from declining response rates, long processing delays and a lack of actionable outcomes.


CXCo advised on the introduction of a Net Promoter programme in which short daily surveys would be sent to customers on a rolling basis. The responses were fed into the business in real time and a closed loop calling process was trained to enable relationship managers to engage with customers about their feedback.

The key of all calls was to thank customers for responding and exercise ‘customer curiosity’ to build a deeper understanding. Alongside this the business reviewed feedback trends monthly to identify common themes, root causes and solutions.


AirPlus sent an update to customers to tell them how the programme had been running and three things that had been changed as a result of feedback from customers.

  • A number of customers replied acknowledging that they hadn’t responses before but given that changes, would do so in the future
  • Others thanked AirPlus for the changes and confirmed their support
  • Response rates and the quality of feedback improved
  • In 2015 the successful UK Net Promoter programme was rolled out in 10 countries

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