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Euromoney finds the link between happy people and happy customers

Euromoney finds the link between happy people and happy customers


Euromoney is an international business-to-business information company focusing on the global financial community. Operating in more than 20 countries the business employs over 2000 staff across a number of brands providing critical data, price reporting and must-attend events to financial services, commodities, telecoms and legal markets.

In 2018 the company engaged CXCo to design and run a global employee initiative with a view to developing a better understanding of attitudes and behaviours that define the working environment and inform improvement and development activities.


The bespoke survey was designed in consultation with members of the senior leadership team and HR and focused on five key areas; strategy and direction, career development and pay, management, office environment and resources, and organisational values and culture.

CXCo used a web-based survey tool and the results were analysed and fed back through a series of presentations and reports. The results provided a benchmark across the global organisation with reports for each of the operating divisions and functions, to develop action plans across the company.


A number of global initiatives designed to address issues raised by the feedback were communicated via Town Hall meetings run by the CEO. These actions used the ‘you said… we did’ model to launch:

  • Leadership and Management development programmes
  • System and process reviews
  • Career management workshops
  • Cross Euromoney development programmes and networks
  • A global flexible working framework
  • A global pay project
  • A global staff forum


Additional actions were taken at a local level based on specific feedback.

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