Ensuring a better insurance experience for clients of Jelf

Ensuring a better insurance experience for clients of Jelf


We have worked with Jelf since 2008. Today, they are one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers employing 3000 colleagues in 72 UK locations.

Financial performance and client care issues, combined with a testing economic landscape and an acquisitive business model had led an overwhelmed customer service department. Add in a series of new IT implementation projects and Jelf were managing a perfect storm. The effect was a lack of customer centricity, suffering financial results and a falling share price.

The board recognised that a significant commitment to re-focusing on Jelf’s clients must be made to arrest the decline.


Jelf commissioned an Investor In Customers Assessment to review the current situation. The exercise assessed performance in four key areas: understanding client needs; meeting client needs; delighting clients and engendering loyalty. Respondents completed 12 questions in each of these fields to provide an extensive and unique analysis of the customer journey.

The outcome was as expected: a score of 7.47 (out of 10), which fell below the company’s requirements to turn retention and therefore financial performance around.

The IIC process however also provided in depth analysis of client experience with detailed comments and insights across all aspects of the business, providing the bedrock for change.

From here Jelf launched a strategy focusing on its approach to relationships with clients, partners, stakeholders and its people. This has been built on over the years with major additional strides to embed the IIC model into Jelf’s culture and is now the key measurement of client satisfaction.



Year on year improvements in turnover and profit


Additional services sold


Eradication of net debt improvement

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