SSE Business Energy
Bringing the voice of the customer to SSE Business Energy

Bringing the voice of the customer to SSE Business Energy


The SSE Business Energy team serves a broad range of clients from micro businesses to large national corporates supporting around 500,000 electricity and gas metering points. All customers are supported by UK-based service teams providing tailored advice to each business’s scale to manage their energy usage and spend.

In 2017 the business sought a consultancy partner to pilot a Customer Experience survey with their SME customers. SSE Airtricity in Northern Ireland were using Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) software to run a survey following calls to a contact centre. SSE decided to pilot this process in the UK but also sought advice from CXCo on how to supplement the process.


CXCo recommended an email invite to a web-based survey seeking feedback on transactions as well as the overall relationship with SSE Business Energy. These responses added depth to the IVR survey. The feedback enabled a better understanding of the factors influencing the customer experience. The result of the pilot was a roll out of comprehensive programme of online surveys for different customer and transaction types, implemented with the advice and support of CXCo.

Customer feedback was recognised as key in the coaching and performance management structure. The management team was able to develop a measured response to the daily voice of the customer rather than knee-jerk responses to isolated feedback. Team managers redefined their focus around managing the customer experience as a whole with a common view of what good looked like from a customer perspective.


A review of the pilot programme identified a number of benefits to the SME business teams:

  • Positive feedback to advisers – boosting morale
  • Enlivened call moderating sessions
  • Positive stories turning detractors into promoters through the Closed Loop Call process
  • Learning points identified from adverse feedback
  • Opportunity to intercede to prevent written complaints
  • Quality assurance to ensure customer expectations have been fulfilled
  • Raised awareness of ‘The Voice of the Customer’

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