Do your Customers Love You?

By Laura MacDonald | 04/11/2020

More than ever, it is essential to provide a first-rate customer experience.  It’s a challenging marketplace and great CX is the differentiator that will not only keep your customers returning but also help you to gain new ones.

We can obtain a clear picture of your current customer experience performance through our independent customer service and customer relationships assessment.  We assess employee satisfaction because we believe that strong employee experience is a requisite for the ability to provide great CX.

We conduct a comprehensive survey upon your customers, staff and management using 16 key metrics.  These are designed to drill down into four main categories; understanding customer needs, meeting customer needs, delighting customers and engendering loyalty.  Anecdotal feedback is obtained, providing priceless insight into the minds of your customers and staff.

A detailed report and presentation are provided with a full analysis and recommendations.   A gap analysis between customer and staff opinion is included, which is invaluable for identifying improvement areas.

The CXCo assessment is easily spun up with minimum investment required of time or money.  It is a great option for a snapshot of how your CX is working and to get an improvement plan in place.

Please get in touch to arrange a meeting with our CEO Charlie Williams to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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