Getting Ready to Ride into the Sunset?

By Laura MacDonald | 29/09/2020

So, you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into building up your company.  You’ve ridden the rollercoaster for many years and weathered the ups and downs and now you’re in a position of success and profitability.   For whatever reason, you’ve decided to sell, and now your first priority should be to get the buyers recognition for the full extent of all that you have achieved and the corresponding price that this entails.

It is a simple matter to provide the numbers, the financial reports, the product ranges and customer lists.  But what if you want to really prove just how great your company is? It takes many years to build up the customer experience strategy and relations that keeps customers happy and returning for more and this is worth a high price to acquirers.

Our CXCo Pre-Terms Assessment provides you with a certificate of excellence for your company, that will help you to get the price you deserve.  A qualitive assessment is performed across a number of customers through insight interviews measuring 16 key customer metrics. These are intended to provide deep evidence of customers opinion of your product, customer journey, experience and whether they are likely to remain loyal.  This assessment can be very easily spun up and pricing is highly affordable.

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