How employee engagement can drive ROI

By Charlie Williams | 10/05/2019

We are all too aware that we are now in the ‘age of the consumer’, however as has been widely acknowledged over the few years, this is also ‘the age of the employee’, with businesses starting to appreciate the important role employees have in the delivery of great CX.

It’s true that more businesses are starting to focus their operational and marketing efforts towards improving their customer experience delivery. How many of these have also incorporated a robust review and focus on their internal culture and employee satisfaction? The fact remains that for a CX management programme to work successfully it needs to be implemented internally first, key staff need to be onboard. Fail to get the staff on your side, and you run the risk of wasting time and effort trying to implement improvements that don’t get communicated to the customer facing departments.

Businesses need to ensure that the customer is at the heart of their business strategy and to achieve this requires engaging their employees.

Gallup International reported that businesses in the top 24% of employee engagement had less staff turnover and remarkably higher percentages of customer loyalty, profitability and revenues.

The best and most successful business environments empower employees, giving them autonomy and ownership. In support of this a reward and recognition scheme would also be advised to highlight exceptional staff. This installs motivation, engenders loyalty and creates better internal and external experiences.

A gratified workforce will work harder, display better attitudes, deliver a better service and remain loyal, all of which aid a healthier bottom line.

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