New M&A due diligence assessment

By Laura MacDonald | 19/08/2020

CXCo due diligence assessment brochure

The consolidation of various markets through M&A and buy and build continues despite the impacts of Covid-19. One key factor in price establishment is the strength of existing customer relationships. Do you ever really know what you’re buying – until you’ve acquired it?

To help acquirers and their representatives get a clearer view of the health of the customer relationships, we have developed a Due Diligence Assessment to provide critical insight across 16 customer metrics.

Our CXCo Due Diligence Assessment is designed to run alongside legal and financial due diligence. It surveys and analyses customer and staff perceptions to give you a full picture of the customer satisfaction and relationship wellbeing of the organisation. COVID-19 impact is reviewed in order to establish any issues or concerns requiring remediation.

Who is it for?

  • Acquirers wanting to achieve deep insight on a prospective acquisition target’s customer relationships
  • For organisations considering selling, who wish to provide compelling evidence of exemplary customer satisfaction and CX performance to acquirers, and avoid price chipping in this area
  • For professional M&A or corporate finance advisers to provide a more comprehensive DD service

How will this help you?

  • Analysis of current client relationship health
  • Ability to build better post integration plans
  • Qual/quant analysis of customer and employee perceptions with associated recommendations
  • Overview of employee experience and where improvements are required
  • Gap analysis reveals differences between employee and customer view of reality and where performance can be increased

The CXCo Due Diligence Assessment can be spun up quickly and is priced competitively and with minimum client effort.


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