Why ‘closing the loop’ is the key to ongoing success

By Charlie Williams | 15/05/2019

While making the decision to start measuring feedback is a positive step towards improving customer loyalty and therefore revenue, measurement alone won’t improve retention. To do this a company must act on the findings of its surveys at all levels of the organisation- we call this ‘closing the loop’.

To close the loop effectively, the approach needs to be threefold; both good and bad feedback needs to be followed up on at the helm, this needs to be fed into management level and there must be executive buy-in for ongoing success.

As soon as an exchange or transaction has taken place the customer should have the opportunity to give feedback on their experience. Once answers are received the system should kick in, and within 48 hours any detractors should be contacted to gain understanding of why they haven’t been impressed. Positive feedback also needs to be understood to identify better opportunities for growth.

At management level the results need to be analysed and translated into priorities to determine best practices, and where relevant, best performing business areas. This demonstrates the true appetite for integrating improvements into the business.

Then last but not least there needs to be genuine commitment at executive level to ensure that across all areas of the business customer feedback is being taken into consideration and regarded as driving business practices. Until this is clearly a message from top-down there will be less motivation to implement change.

Closing the loop is where companies reap the rewards of the investment into measuring customer experience. Net Promoter programmes provide the data but its how that is acted on that makes the difference to whether a customer comes back.

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