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Customer experience perfection is a journey. We have the capability to lead your organisation, and empower your team through an interactive approach.

Investor in Customers assessment

CXCo are a strategic partner of IIC who are the UK’s leading customer experience assessment and award company. Over 100 leading UK businesses trust IIC to measure their customer experience delivery annually using an academically developed diagnostic tool.

The IIC assessment engages with three stakeholder groups: management, staff and of course, customers. Through a comprehensive online research tool, we are able to analyse the findings in granular detail and provide insights and statistical data relating to the strengths and weaknesses of your CX delivery.

Net Promoter programmes

On a scale of 0 – 10, how likely are you to recommend the company to others?

Developed by Fred Reichheld in 2003, the Net Promoter® system is fast becoming one of the most popular Customer Experience Management (CEM) tools. Designed flexibly to measure CX delivery either company wide, by division, office or individual member of staff, a Net Promoter® programme provides instant and accurate data of your customer experience. Understanding detractors to better enhance the CX, engaging with passives positively and driving them to promoter status.

Voice of the customer research

Understanding customer preferences and their aversions is a fundamental step towards boosting customer loyalty. Our work will help gather the insights that will form a profitable plan of action.

Measuring customer value

Growth comes from investing time and resources wisely, and the field of customer experience is key in achieving this. Our methodology will identify which groups of customers will deliver maximum yield.

Competitor and landscape analysis

We’ll conduct a detailed audit of up to 10 of your competitors. Our work will include a robust review of their CX alignment against brand promise, social media sentiment and impact and communications.

Internal stakeholder bootcamp

We’ll work with stakeholders across your organisation to develop a full view of your company culture. In doing this we can identify the pain points, and the positives that will help drive improvement.

“Growth comes from
investing time and
resource wisely and the field of customer experience is key in achieving this”

Closed loop feedback

Knowing how your customers rate you is part of the plan but following up on those ratings – good and bad – is an essential part of business success. We’ll guide you on implementing a plan to capture feedback in a timely manner.

Customer journey mapping/strategy

Developing a smooth customer journey is no mean feat, and may require investment and internal change. Deliver it well however, and you have solved one of the most frequently criticised areas of customer experience. We can re-model the journey to place your customer at the heart.

Business process design

Have a feeling that something, somewhere along the way isn’t working as well as it should? Perhaps the business process needs some investigation. We can help identify areas that might be making your customers look elsewhere and transform the business of doing business into a simple and seamless transaction.

Employee engagement

A much overlooked area of business growth is how employees perceive their company, but your people are the key to your success. We’ll team up with you to get your employees onboard and in tune.

Coaching and training

Alongside our NLP partners, we’ll develop bespoke training programmes that enable you to energise and empower your employees and build trust with your customers.

Culture and identity development

Real change comes from the inside. Our team of experts will work with you to build a positive workplace culture and a cohesive identity that will power you towards hitting your strategic goals.

Pricing and distribution modelling

Though absolute business basics, we’ll bring an astute view on your position in the market. We’ll help you identify the right price point for your offering so that your brand represents relevance and great value to your customers.

“We can help identify areas that might be  making your
customers look elsewhere and transform the business”

Brand definition/development

A joined up and effective brand experience is the Holy Grail for most marketers. We strongly believe that brand and customer experience are intrinsically linked. We’ll work with you to develop a brand that really packs the punch.


Ensuring that your brand promise is delivered through every touchpoint is vital. Our highly skilled brand and creative strategists will ensure that your communications – off and online – are truly integrated and mirror your customer-centric ambitions.

Brand Ambassador Programme

An integral part of employee engagement are our award winning strategy will seek out the members of your organisation that have the potential to be your most inspiring brand advocates.

Culture and ways of working

We’ll develop your people skills through highly bespoke training programmes. Through analysis and adjustment of your ways of working you'll deliver better transactions with your customer – in offline and online environments.


We’re not about reinventing the wheel, but sometimes if there isn’t a standard offering that fits we’ll mobilise the experts to create a bespoke solution.

Technology and digital innovation

Many an organisation has failed due to inability to keep up in the face of rapid developments in technology, but there are straightforward changes that can make the world of difference to retention. We’ll identify appropriate innovations that will support your business goals.

Proposition development (facilitation)

Product and proposition development can be enhanced by CX and UX experts. We’ll work with your teams to create a watertight offering that customers just won’t be able to say no to.

“Many an organisation has
failed due to inability
to keep upin the face of rapid developments in technology”

We can help identify areas that might be  making your customers look elsewhere and transform the business

Charlie Williams, CEO

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